Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I Think My Grade Should be for Service Learning

Well what I think I should get for service learning is maybe an 4 in listing a 4 in attendance a 3 ora, 4 in reflection a 4 in participation, and a 4 in preparation. I think I truly deserve these grade, because I have done every single assingment their is.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Independent Service Learning

Hello My name is Lamin Conteh, I have been at Constitution High for two years now. My values are caring, sharing, honesty, responsible, and respect. This may sound very corny, but this five concrete values as I call them are what make me the man I am today. These are my values. For this year service learning I was put in the community giving group, baysicaly, we conducted a research on line and find out what the children needs. After that we meet on Friday and disccuss what we find out during research. From their we helped raise money to buy toys and books for the children at CHOP.

For my 15 independence service hours, I volunteer at the Philadelphia book festival for about 7 hours. I was in charges of the costume, I pass out the event programs, and I was also in charge of making sure that people don't go back stage. I also volunteered at Squash Smart for a week after school, I help tutor 6th grader do there homework, and also play the game of squash. Squash Smart is a none profit organization in West Philadelphia and North Philadelphia that help kids all over Philly become successful in life. I had great time volunteer there, I learned a lot from does kids they behave really well too.

Service learning has helped me get more involved and helping my community more. I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I can't work well with computer research.

Of Mice and Men= Motif

The motif Of Mice and Men was loneliness and companionship. Unlike Lennie and George they take care of each other and travel together. But crook, Candy, and Curley wife often face loneliness.

Crook’s was the only black migrant worker on the farm among several white migrant workers. He worked mostly by himself, and had a room by himself. He spent most of his free time in his bunkroom reading while some the guys goes out in town and drink. At on point of the story Crook had a little companionship when Lennie walks in his room and started to talk to him.

Candy’s on the other hand was lonely; he didn’t have any family or a place to live on his own. He seeks most of his companionship with his old dog, and some of the workers on the farm. He became more lonely and friendless when they shot his dog.

Unlike Candy and Crook, Curley’s wife was alone in her own home. She never did anything with her husband; he never showed her any kind of affection. The only thing that they did together was that he worked out and she watched. He always wanted her to stay in the house and do nothing. He never wanted her to talk to any other guy but him. But all she wanted to is to find someone that she could talk to about her dream and problem.

In Of Mice and Men their were a lot of motif that stand out to me, but the one that out to me the most was loneliness and companionship.  Even though these character were lonely at some point of the story they manage to find some kind of companionship. I hope this essay inspire you to write more often about motif after finishing reading a novel.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Learning=Plan

For may 28 service learning meeting we are presenting our research for our group. Our research is based on three things that we can get for the patient at CHOP. I find out that most of the patients at CHOP wants books, and toys. we would also discus how much money we raise so far, and how much money we need.

For next year service learning I think each student should be allowed to conduct an individual research on their project.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Theme= (Grade this one) American dream

Have you ever thought about your American Dream yet? Well if you haven’t thought about it yet, this is a good time for you to get a better understanding of a perfect American dream. What exactly is the American dream? The American dream is fame, family, and owning a nice dwelling.

George and Lennie often think their American dream is to own their own farm where they would live as a family. They would work together to grow their crops, and raise their little animal together; also they would look out for each other.

Curley’s wife also had her own American dream. Her American dream was that one day a man from Hollywood would marry her and take her to Hollywood with him. There she would become a showgirl or a movie star.
But unfortunately, her American dream was crushed, after she married curly.

Having a nice place to live in is also what most Americans dream of. Lennie and George often think about getting a house together. They dream about a place where they would have a fireplace and windmill. They would also like a place where they wouldn’t have to wake up to work when the weather is rough.

I, too, think of my American dream as one day having a family and a place to live, being famous, “an live of the fatta the LAN.” I plan to go to college and graduate school and work in the business world. While these are the things I dream about, and everyone has his or her own dreams. What are yours?

Symbols= "Of Mice and Men"

There are many symbols in “Of Mice and Men”. The symbol that I chose is Lennie’s puppy. I think Lennie’s puppy represents new beginning’s, hope, and dreams.

Lennie’s puppy symbolizes a new start for both Lennie and George. When Lennie received the puppy from Slim, he and George had big plans for raising the puppy together. The puppy would also keep him from getting in trouble. Lennie had a problem of petting a girl’s hair. If he pet the he would have this problem.

Lennie’s puppy symbolizes hope as well. After all, hope is what keeps Lennie and George together. Unlike most of the migrants workers, George and Lennie hope that one day after working in three different towns, they would raise enough money to buy a land where they would lived as a family, own their own little garden with a couple of animals, and a nice small electric stove for the winter. Having the puppy gives them hope that they would achieve this dream.

Lennie’s puppy also symbolizes dreams, especially the dream to live longer and experience the sorrow and the meaning of the world. When the puppy dies, Lennie’s dream dies as well.

Indeed I think Lennie puppy represent hope, new adventure, and dream. I also think he represent joy and life after death. This is just one of the symbol that really grab my attention after reading “Of Mice and Men” I hope this essay inspired to keep writing about one of your favorite character or a symbol in any book that read.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Service Learning=Reflection

Last weekend I volunteer at the Philadelphia Book Festival at Central library. I really had a lot of fun. I didn't even do a lot of work I was just hanging out at the tents watching some of the performer stuff. Their were a lot of shows going on at once, they had clowns, a Brazilian music band, and some people in customs taking picture with little kids. I really enjoyed volunteering at this event. this something i would definetley look forward to next year.